Edgewater Candles
Pickup Packages at Ricochet's Tavern, 4644 N Lincoln Avenue

Local candle shop featuring collections of mason jar candles and diffusers free from additives and dyes.


Land of Lincoln
$ 29.04 USD

Ashen Rose and Rosemary Mint have been very popular in 2020. People tell us that the Rosemary Mint is incredibly calming and zen-like, and that our exquisite blend of the scent of a natural rose combined with cinder/ash is irresistible, converting even those who don't normally like rose scents.

Our Roots Are Square
$ 39.41 USD

At Square Roots 2019, these two spectacular scents were our best sellers! We're really into the fresh vibe of Cedar Lavender, and we love the seductive almost smoky incense notes of our Palo Santo (which uses no natural Palo Santo.)

Welcome Autumn
$ 78.81 USD

Welcome Autumn! These scents capture the coziness of bundling up by a fire and enjoying apple cider, and maybe a slice of pumpkin pie too! Edgewater Candles are handmade soy candles with fragrance combinations inspired by nature, the seasons, botanicals, and earthy woods.