Pickup Packages at Ricochet's Tavern, 4644 N Lincoln Avenue

A neighborhood gift and apparel shop featuring independent designers as well as goods from all over the world. Hazel offers gifts for all ages and styles as well as men's and women's apparel and accessories!


Golden Happy Hour
$ 39.41 USD

Gold 12 oz Swig stainless steel insulated stemless wine tumbler, Gold modern wine stopper, Vintage corkscrew paper napkins - set of 20

My Favorite Salad is Wine
$ 35.26 USD

Can you relate? Treat yourself to a night in with your favorite bottle of wine.

Drink Local
$ 33.18 USD

Grab your favorite local beer and a buddy and enjoy a delicious Chicago brew!

Chicago Beer & Growler
$ 51.85 USD

With a plethora of breweries in Chicago, take your pick and fill up your growler to take home with you!

Beer Picnic
$ 67.41 USD

Enjoy Chicago's beautiful summer weather and keep your beer nice and cold! Add a six-pack from your favorite local brewery and you're ready for a picnic.

Prosecco Rose Self Care Kit
$ 56.00 USD

Treat yourself! It's time for a little self care and this package is the perfect place to start. Add a bottle of Prosecco and you're set for a night of pampering.

Puzzle Package
$ 39.41 USD

Puzzles on puzzles is the theme of this package! Keep your household entertained while you spend some time at home

Mystical Mondays Package
$ 37.33 USD

Get in touch with your spiritual side and start anew!

Music Snob
$ 43.55 USD

If you love the Chicago based band, Wilco, this package is for you!

Indoor Activities for Kids (Science!)
$ 35.26 USD

Keep your little ones entertained indoors for days with this science themed package!

Outdoor Activities for Kids
$ 35.26 USD

Enjoy Chicago's summer with your kids outdoors! This package has a little something for everyone.

Chicago at Home
$ 53.92 USD

Relax at home with a little bit of Chicago!