Indoor Activities for Kids (Science!)


Keep your little ones entertained indoors for days with this science themed package!

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What’s included?
Potato Clock (potatoes not included) - 8+
Mystical Tree, grows like magic! - 5+
Break your own geode
2 mini dig kits, one ice age and one dinosaur - 6+

Additional Info

Running out of entertainment for the kids? This science themed package is full of activities that will help them learn and keep them busy! The package includes a potato clock (potatoes not included) that encourages your kids to experiment with science - recommended for 8+, a mystical tree that grows like magic and will continue to surprise you all day - recommended for 5+, a geode you break open yourself to find a magical surprise inside, and 2 mini dig kits that will make you feel like a archaeologist (one ice age and one dinosaur) - recommended for 6+. (Transaction fee included in item price).

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