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Puzzles on puzzles is the theme of this package! Keep your household entertained while you spend some time at home

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What’s included?
Gradient 100 piece puzzle in grey
Two 3D puzzles - each a different difficulty level
Mini brain teaser cube
Five level maze cube

Additional Info

This year we've all had to get a little creative to keep ourselves entertained. This package will keep your brain engaged and your household busy for days. Included in this puzzle pack is one of our most popular quarantine puzzles, the gradient puzzle! It only has 100 pieces but we've heard the slight color changes make this harder than you'd think. You'll also get two 3D puzzles, one a little harder than the other, a mini brain teaser cube and a 5 level maze cube that might drive you crazy before you actually solve it. Good luck, we have faith you'll solve them all! (Transaction fee included in item price).

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